PPC Advertising

Are you ready to supercharge your home or commercial service business and unlock its full potential? Imagine a steady stream of eager customers, ready to schedule your services. At TradeBoost Media, our expert PPC team will craft targeted, eye-catching ads that put your business at the forefront of search results and social media feeds. With PPC ads, you pay only when customers click, ensuring every pound spent brings real leads. Invest in PPC ad management today, and watch your home or commercial service business thrive!

What are PPC Ads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a digital advertising product where businesses pay a fee each time their ad is clicked by a web user. PPC ads are usually displayed on search engines, social media platforms, or websites. Most platforms hosting PPC ads have significant user data, which ensures ads are only displayed to web users with an interest in the advertiser's product or service. They offer businesses a targeted, cost-effective route to reach their desired audience. Businesses bid on specific keywords or demographics, and their ads appear when relevant search queries or user characteristics match. PPC ads provide instant visibility, precise budget control, and measurable results.

The PPC Platforms We Support

Google's PPC platform allows businesses to prominently display their ads at the top of search results, making it easy to reach users actively searching for products and services. The ads reach a vast online audience and drive immediate traffic to a business’s website. Google offers keyword targeting, budget management, and a host of premium features, making it ideal for capturing the attention of potential customers in the home and commercial services sector.
Facebook's PPC platform is a potent advertising tool that leverages the vast user data on the platform. With more than 55 million users in the UK alone, Facebook offers access to a large number of consumers requiring home and commercial services. It allows businesses to target users based on demographics, location, and interests. Its analytic tools provide insights for ongoing optimisation, making it a powerful tool for businesses seeking new customers.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Only Pay When Web Users Click Your Ads
PPC advertising operates on the “pay for clicks” model. This means your business only pays the advertising platform when web users click on your posts. If you’re sick of being unsure whether your ad spending is contributing to customer engagement, PPC ads are a worthy alternative!
Reach Customers Searching for Your Services
PPC advertising allows businesses to target customers interested in their services. For example, if a customer searches for one of your services on Google, PPC ads empower your business to display advertising at the top of search results. This ensures your business is well-placed to attract customers in search of your home and commercial services.
Access Immediate Results
Unlike other forms of advertising, which can take months to yield benefits, PPC campaigns can provide immediate lead generation. Once a campaign is up and running, your ads will be visible to web users. PPC ads supercharge your ability to quickly scale your business.
Measure Performance
Old-school forms of advertising, such as billboards and radio, don’t have meaningful tools for tracking results. With PPC advertising, our team at TradeBoost Media can analyse your ad performance data to determine your return on investment (ROI). It’s the best way to ensure your advertising budget is benefiting your business!

Set Your Own Ad Budget

At TradeBoost Media, we’ll help you set a PPC ad budget that matches your business's ambition and cost tolerance. Our clients decide in advance how much money they want to spend on generating new leads with paid ads. With PPC advertising, you never have to worry about ballooning costs!

No Long-Term Contracts

At TradeBoost Media, we’re confident our PPC management skills will help your business generate new leads. That’s why we don’t make our clients sign long-term contracts. You can cancel our PPC services at any time!

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